Executive Secretary : NSHIMIYIMANA Vedaste


Phone Number: 0788644367


Corporate Services Division Manager : NSHIMYIMANA Jean Baptiste

Phone Number: 0782646567


Director of Business Development and Employment Unit: MUTEMBEREZI S. Paulin

Phone Number: 0788425543 


Acting Director of Finance Unit: MIHANDA Appolinaire


Phone Number: 0788212661

Director of Planning Unit: KARANGWA Charles

Phone Number: 0788500811


Advisor to the Executive Committee: KAGABO Joseph

Phone Number: 0788699457


Acting Director of Heath: HABAKURAMA Kizito


Phone Number: 0788818276


Acting Director of Pharmacy: KWIZERA Prudence


Phone Number: 0788478740

District Council Specialist: UWUMUKIZA Marie Jeanne

Phone Number: 0788515573

Director of Good Governance Unit: MUTABARUKA Jean Baptiste

Phone Number: 0788479363


Director of Social Affairs  UnitKANAMUGIRE UMUBYEYI Yvette

Phone Number: 0788570056


Director of Infrasctructure OSC and  Land Notary: MUSAFIRI Jean Pierre

Phone Number: 0788440182


Abandi bakozi, kanda hano