No development where there is no Good Governance

The Governor of the Southern Province Mr. Alphonse Munyantwari urges leaders to enhance Good Governance principles as one aspect of a developed community.

Governor Munyantwari said this in the closure of Good Governance competitions in Huye district on January the 17th 2012 in Rusatira sector, where took place the final match of football on the district level. He added that sports and other competitions help achieving the goals of Good Governance, as they bring people together and exchange ideas.

Along these Good Governance competitions, leaders took a certain time to solve all people’s problems and these people were glad at this doing.

The competitions included football, athletics, poems and songs. The team of Ngoma sector won the football competition for males, while Mbazi sector won the football cup for females. Primary student Uzayisenga Jeannine was award for her beautiful poem in the field of songs and poems.