Castres district to help improve health sector in Huye

The delegation from French district called Castres promised their district is ready to assist   Huye district improving the sector of health, by mainly helping health centres to operate in good conditions.

After these delegates visited several health centres, they say they noticed some challenges in the working conditions of some centres, including the lack of electricity, water and lack of enough equipment.

They say they are ready to bring their assistance, as long as Huye district will have established the plan of how to improve these conditions.

Christine Niwemugeni, the vice mayor in charge of social welfare promised the district will sooner elaborate the plan.  Vice mayor Niwemugeni expects to gain more in the partnership of the two districts, as both Huye and Castres are committed to work together and share professional experiences in various fields such as ICT, culture and health.

Huye and Castres have been in partnership for a long time, and the visit of this delegation follows the visit of Huye Mayor KAYIRANGA MUZUKA Eugène.