Best performing teachers awarded

The Ministry of Education awarded nine teachers in Huye district for their courage and innovation to better reach the target of the country of improving the quality of education.

Every teacher received a cow from the Ministry of Education, in recognition   of their efforts promoting the quality of education in the year 2008.

While receiving the award on March 23rd 2012, these teachers said what they did was in their duty of educating young Rwandans so as to have a well instructed nation. They added that by this award they are going to do work better than they did as their effort has been recognized.

These teachers said they are going to encourage their colleagues to improve the quality of the lessons they teach, since, says one of them, “Education is   basic to development, and as Rwanda is struggling to get developed, education should be the best way to reach development by first of all improving its quality.”

Nine teachers who got cows were selected as best performing ones in 2008 in promoting female education as well as having a many students who passed the national examination ending the primary school.