Getting ready to commemorate Genocide for the 18th time

In order to well prepare the 18th anniversary of commemorating the Genocide perpetrated against Tutsis in 1994, Huye district held a meeting to discuss how the commemoration ceremonies could be organized in the district.

The meeting brought together sectors Executive Secretaries, Police and Army, trauma councilors and heads of health centre on March the 26th, 2012, presided by the vice Mayor in charge of social welfare Niwemugeni Christine.

The meeting decided the Mourning period will start in the National University of Rwanda on April the 7th 2012. Activities related to commemoration will be coordinated by sectors as the meeting decided.

It was also decided that during the mourning period, there will be fund raising to support vulnerable genocide survivors. The meeting decided that commemoration activities will be held at the cell level, coordinated by a joint committee between the district and the sector.