Genocide survivors need a special help in the Mourning period

Though there are sayings that genocide survivors are only helped during the mourning period, it is out of the truth, as expressed by military and civil leaders on the 12th April, when the army closed the activity of rebuilding the house of Mukamusoni Marcelle.

Mukamusoni, 42 years genocide survivors says she had lost hope as her house was about to fall down. However, says she, when the army came and rebuild it, it was like a new life that started.

According to Major Ruzindana Celestin who was heading the delegation of army that helped remaking the house, apart from security, the army has to socially assist the community towards development. Major Ruzindana says the army does not assist genocide survivors during the mourning period only. However, he says there must be a special assistance at this hard time.

Likewise, Alphonse Mutsindashyaka, the Executive Secretary to Tumba sector says there should be a special support to genocide survivors during the mourning period as it is the difficult time to them. He says however they are assisted at other times that are not the morning period only.

Mukamusoni survived the genocide against Tutsis and fled to Burundi. She was married to a Burundian, but when the genocide was stopped she came back alone. Her husband stayed, and she came back in Rwanda with her two children. In Rwanda, she was built a house but it was not appropriate. Before the army came to help her, says Mukamusonni, the house was about to fall down, what she says caused her troubles. However, she says she feels well now as she got assisted.