Mourning week closed, remembering genocide victims goes on in Huye

Genocide victims will always be thought of in Huye. Though commemorations of the genocide perpetrated against Tutsis for the 18th time were closed in Huye and in Rwanda, Huye district keeps on remembering.

The mourning period was closed on April the 13th, but activities of keeping in mind genocide victims are going on. Planned activities include cleaning memorial sites and making the burial activities.

Sectors have planned burial activities as in Simbi sector these activities are scheduled on April the 18th. Gishamvu planned these activities on the 20th, while in Tumba  the burial ceremony will happen on the 21st of April 2012. Others include Musange and Huye on the 22nd April, and the other sectors will go on holding the burial ceremonies on various dates.

All these activities need support to be well accomplished. All Huye and Rwandan residents in general are called to offer their support in order to keep remembering genocide victims by avoiding genocide forever.

Emile Nsabimana