The district visited Karubanda prisoners to solve their problems

Huye district visited prisoners in Karubanda prison to know their problems, so as to find solutions to those problems. It was in the district security meeting held in Karubanda prison, to talk about prisoners’ problems and find solutions to them.

Executive Secretaries of   all sectors in Huye, the Army and Police were together with the district officials to find solutions together to problems of people jailed in Karubanda prison.

Among the mentioned problems appeared the problem of some prisoners who said their partners (women or husbands) mismanage their property. Kayiranga Muzuka Eugene, the mayor of Huye district said the district is going to work on this problem in order to find a solution.

Prisoners mentioned also that some of them were jailed before appearing in court and when the court decided of their sentence, the previous years were ignored. The mayor of Huye said that in collaboration with courts, the district is going to work on this to regularize it.

Prisoners appreciated the visit, and the Mayor said they will keep visiting them in order to talk about their problems by finding solutions.

Emile Nsabimana & Pacifique Gashumba