Genocide orphan need people near them

Delegates from Huye district headquarters visited on April the 22nd 2012, members of Urumuri Club. Urumuri brings together orphans who escaped from the 1994 genocide against Tutsis, who used to stay at school in holidays because they had no home.

By the visit, Urumuri members expressed the elements that challenge them in their daily life.  Their visitors from Huye district discussed with them how these problems can be solved and they promised to act as advocates in the community to have these problems solved.

Mutwarasibo Cyprien, the Vice Mayor in charge of economy and finance who headed the district delegates said the district will continue to help Urumuri Club. He said these young boys and girls have no other parents and insured the district will work as the parent of these children. He told them to  leave sorrow caused by genocide and work to build their fure.

Members to Urumuri said they are satisfied by the visit, and expressed it should be better if suchlike visits increased. They said they need people to be nearby them, in order to be insured they are not elone.

Urumuri club was created after a notice that some students stayed at school because they had no homes to go to in holidays. The district worked with partners to build homes for them, and so far these children’s life has improved. Some of them already closed their studies while others are studying expecting their future to be better.

Emile Nsabimana