“Commemorating is renewing the dignity we lost in 1994”, Governor Munyentwari.

The Governor of the Southern Province Alphonse Munyantwari, requests inhabitants of this province and specifically those of Huye district to keep participating in commemoration activities since it is a way to renew the dignity lost in genocide perpetrated against Tutsi in 1994.

Governor Munyantwari said this in Ruhashya Sector on the 25th March 2012, while commemorating for the 18th time the genocide against Tutsi in Ruhashya and the neighboring areas.

Mukantwari Dative, the national Executive Secretary of Ibuka, consoled those who have their relatives buried at Ruhashya. She adds however that, those who are buried there are comprise all people killed in this sector, furthermore she requests inhabitants of Ruhashya to be open and show where are the bodies of other people who were killed.

The Vice Mayor in charge of Economy and Finance in Huye District consoled those who lost their relatives in Ruhashya, and said the administration will not cease to be close to them and help fighting against genocide consequences.

The governor of the Southern Province who had come to commemorate together with Ruhashya residents thanked people for their participation in commemoration. The Governor of the Southern province thanked Huye district for burying victims in memorial sites which preserve the dignity that they lost.

In Ruhashya all the bodies of the 1994 genocide are not found to be honorably buried. People of this sector and the neighboring areas were requested to provide information about where are still the genocide victims’ bodies, so as to respectably bury them.

Emile Nsabimana.