Team work leads to good service delivery – Mayor Muzuka

In order to meet the job targets, employees should collaborate and share experience. This is one of the messages of the Labor Day celebrated on May the 1st 2012.

While celebrating the Labor Day 2012, Nshimiyimana Vedaste, the Executive Secretary of Huye district who has also labor in his duties said that when the employees collaborate in their daily work, the quality of their output improves. He thus urged employees in Huye to work together in order to embellish their image within the community.

Kayiranga Muzuka Eugène, the Mayor of Huye, also focused on good service delivery and urged all employees more particularly those who work in Huye, to base their daily job on promoting the teamwork spirit because, he said, teamwork helps performing well.

While celebrating the 2012 Labor Day, best performing employees of each institution located in Huye was awarded. Nsekanabanga Vincent was awarded for the district level as the best employee who accomplished well his duties and helping his colleagues to achieve theirs. Other awarded district employees are Mutemberezi S. Paulin in charge of finance, Tuyishime Fidele the notary, Mukakarisa Chantal who is the administrative assistant to the Executive Secretary and Dukundimana Cassien, the OVC technical officer.

Emile Nsabimana