CONCERN appreciated for its partnership in improving Education

Huye district appreciates the role CONCERN has been playing in improving the quality of education by empowering Parents and Teachers Committees (PTCs). The Mayor of Huye expressed this while CONCERN was handing over its activities to the district on December the 20th, 2011.

The mayor of Huye district Mr. KAYIRANGA MUZUKA Eugène said the district is going to collaborate with PTCs as it used to do so, in order to strengthen the step initiated by CONCERN. “It is our duty to work with parents in order to keep strong the quality of education to our children,” says the mayor insuring that though Concern stops its support, it will not disrupt the quality of education.

Concern has helped forming Parents and Teachers committees by also making their members understand their direct concern of the management of schools.

By handing its activities of four years to Huye district, schools whose PTCs respected their duties were awarded. The two first PTCs – Ecole Primaire  Gashikiri and  Groupe Scolaire Regina Pacis - were given a cow and a desktop computer each one. The two next benefited from a cow for each PTC, while the other 24 were offered various equipments meant to help PTCs achieve their duties.

Story by Emile Nsabimana, Huye district Information and Communication officer